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Launching in August 2024 (inshaAllah)


Do you see the pressing need for guidance and support in an era of confusion and misinformation?

Are you a concerned parent or community member who wants to empower a young Muslim to reach their fullest potential? Or are you a young Muslim seeking identity and clarity in life? Look no further than our groundbreaking 6-Month Muslim Mentoring Programme.

Our programme goes beyond reactive measures by offering a proactive approach to support young adults in navigating life’s complexities. We believe in building environments that prevent crises rather than waiting for them to occur. With the guidance of our experienced mentors, we empower young adults to find clarity, motivation, and confidence in their life journeys.

Virtual Support when it's needed

What sets the Muslim Mentoring Programme apart is our focus on a modern holistic approach. Our mentors focus on helping mentees build their relationship with Allah, and are at hand to ensure that seekers receive the support they need when facing feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. We understand the unique pressures experienced by Muslim communities and acknowledge the mental health challenges that many of our young adults are facing. By meeting regularly via online meetings we remove the location barriers and allow mentees to get mentored anywhere. Whether you’re at college/uni, in transit, on holiday, or just grabbing coffee, all you need is a device and a Wi-Fi network.

Since our virtual mentoring takes place one-to-one, it doesn’t suffer from the same challenge of other meetings/larger virtual events do. We also have a strong development programme and focus on open, honest communication.


Mentees have a helping hand and someone to talk to while they

Embark on a transformative Journey

We believe that the responsibility to guide our communities to a healthier future lies with us. By fostering a collaborative effort among parents, mentors, and community leaders, we will inshaAllah create a united front against the challenges facing young adults today.

Don’t wait until a crisis point is reached; take action today. Your support can be the catalyst for a young adult’s transformation, preventing future struggles and opening doors to a bright and empowered future. Together, let’s create a generation of motivated, confident, and clear-minded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Are you ready to be part of the Muslim Mentoring Programme? Register your interest now and join the waiting list for this transformative journey of empowerment, support, and growth. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of young adults and shape a brighter future for our communities.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

6 Months of Personal Growth

Here’s why a 6-month mentoring programme may be your best investment:

1. Deep Dive into Personal Growth:

Unlike the limitations of a weekend conference or short-term counseling, our 6-month programme allows for an in-depth exploration of personal growth. We believe that true change takes time, and our mentors are committed to providing ongoing guidance and support throughout the transformative journey.

2. Tailored Guidance:

One-on-one mentoring offers a personalised experience that addresses your specific needs and aspirations. Our mentors invest time in understanding your unique challenges and aspirations, tailoring their guidance to ensure maximum impact. This individualised attention sets us apart from generic, one-size-fits-all solutions.

3. Nurturing Relationships:

Building a trusted and nurturing relationship with a mentor is a critical component of our programme. Over the course of six months, you will establish a deep connection, allowing our experienced mentors to guide you through the ups and downs of life's challenges. This mentor-mentee bond serves as a source of strength, encouragement, and motivation.

4. Sustainable Growth:

Our programme is designed to empower you with the skills, mindset, and tools needed for sustainable growth. While weekend conferences and short-term counselling provide temporary inspiration, a 6-month mentoring programme allows for continual reinforcement and long-lasting behavioural change.

Join a supportive community

Being part of our mentorship community provides an unparalleled support system that extends beyond the one-on-one mentoring relationship. By joining our community, you will connect with like-minded individuals who share your aspirations for personal and professional growth. Together, we will form a network of support, encouragement, and accountability that fuels your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.


Embracing our 6-Month Muslim Mentoring Programme means:


– A deeper understanding of your individual challenges and aspirations

A Mentor

– A trusted mentor who will walk alongside you, providing timely guidance and perspective


– Access to ongoing guidance and support for an extended period


– Tools and strategies to facilitate sustainable personal and professional growth


– An empowering mentorship community for networking, learning, and mutual support

Community of students
Personal growth

Invest in their future

Don’t settle for superficial solutions. Invest in their future with a 6-Month Muslim Mentoring Programme that offers a holistic approach to personal transformation. Unlock your full potential, gain clarity, motivation, and confidence, and join a vibrant community of individuals committed to reaching new heights.

Register your interest for the 6-Month Muslim Mentoring Programme now. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a significant difference in your teenager or young adult’s life. Together, let’s unlock their true potential and pave the way for a future filled with clarity, motivation, and confidence.

Common questions answered


A Muslim mentor is a trusted advisor that helps another Muslim get closer to Allah. They also support mentees to solve their problems and take them through a journey of spiritual, mental, emotional & social growth.

    Offers encouragement during challenging times

    Actively Listens to understand your situation and challenges

    Helps you be clear on your direction in life and helps with aspirations and goal setting

    Provides guidance to help the mentee get to where they need to be

    Shares knowledge and life experiences

    Advises on personal and/or professional development

    Identifies and provides resources.

    Offers honest, frank feedback to support the mentee’s journey towards progress

We have a powerful tarbiya framework that helps mentors guide their mentees to improve themselves and excel, and a structured programme to ensure mentees set clear goals, make progress towards them, and discuss challenges, barriers, and solutions to ensure success.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had moments where we didn’t feel our best. These situations are often made worse by labelling them and getting health professionals involved. Sometimes what we really need in these situations, is just somebody to talk to,  somebody who cares, somebody who won’t judge, and most of all, someone who will help connect us with the One who can solve every problem we can possibly face: Allah. This is not always possible to find in our own circles of family and friends. Our mentors are trained active listeners – compassionate, caring mentors who will listen, support, and be there for you

If you need to speak to someone about your situation urgently, you can request a 1 hour “mental health therapy session” via the register page. These sessions are very limited at the moment and not guaranteed, but we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

It depends on whereabouts the mentee is on their journey. A typical mentoring meeting might involve:

  • Understanding what the mentee is going through and what they need
  • Digging deeper with probing questions to uncover things that may not be apparent
  • Reflecting on relevant ayaat, ahadith, and other principles and wisdom
  • Brainstorming ideas and goals
  • Creating a game plan to make progress
  • Sharing relevant success stories and case examples
  • Identifying people that the mentor can introduce the mentee to for help
  1. Increased consciousness of Allah: Mentors can help youngsters to develop their relationship with Allah and regulate their choices and behaviour by remembering Allah
  2. Improved Confidence: Mentors can help young Muslims develop healthy self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image.
  3. Unbiased Guidance: A mentor can provide an unbiased third-party perspective and help young Muslims work through topics like bullying, peer pressure and relationships in a safe and respectful manner.
  4. Stress Reduction: Having someone guide them through the challenges of growing up can reduce overall stress, resulting in more relaxed and productive teenage years.
  5. Improved Self-Control: Mentors can help teens learn proper anger management techniques, become better decision makers and practice more reasonable self-control.
  6. Personal Development: Mentors provide young Muslims with personalised feedback and tips that can help them develop as a person.
  7. Increased Sense of Direction: Mentors can help young Muslims set concrete goals for their future and aid them in finding direction and purpose in their life.
  8. Alternatives to Negative Habits: Mentors can help young Muslims find healthier ways to pass their free time, rather than resorting to substance abuse, gang activities or other dangerous behaviour.
  9. Improved Communication Skills: Mentors can help young Muslims build effective and healthy communication skills, like listening, understanding and expressing one’s self without aggression.
  10. Conflict Resolution: Mentors can provide mediated responses to impulsive behaviour or harmful outbursts, which can reduce long-term tension and hostility between young Muslims and their parents.
  11. Improved Relationships: Through working with a mentor, young Muslims can gain a better understanding of how to interact with others in a positive and productive manner.
  12. General empowerment: Access to resources and personalised advice from mentors with specialised knowledge is very empowering

We could go on, but 12 should be sufficient for now. When it comes to mentoring, the benefits are endless.

In summary, it depends on the situation of the mentee and their family. Although a lot of the work we do is based on the kind effort of volunteers, we are building a system to help many more young Muslims and are reliant on programme fees and donations. We do offer the programme in 3 levels:

  1. Free places for those who are unable to afford the programme
  2. 50% subsidised  places for those who can’t afford the full amount
  3. Paid option for those who can afford it/want to pay
  1. JUMP IN and be open to feedback and willing to learn: The purpose of a mentoring program is to help you grow and develop. Be open to receiving feedback and guidance from your mentor.
  2. Take initiative and be proactive: If you don’t hear from for your mentor, don’t wait around. Take the initiative to schedule meetings, ask questions, and seek guidance on areas you need help with.
  3. Be respectful of your mentor’s time: Remember that your mentor is older, wiser and probably a lot more knowledgeable than you. Be respectful of their time by being punctual for meetings, coming prepared with topics of discussion, and following up on action items.
  4. Be open and honest in your communication: Build a strong relationship with your mentor by being open and honest in your communication. Share your successes, challenges, and concerns so that your mentor can provide tailored support.
  5. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone: Growth often requires pushing past your comfort zone. Be willing to take risks, try new things, and challenge yourself as you work towards your goals.
  6. Show gratitude and appreciation: Don’t forget to express gratitude to your mentor for their time, guidance, and support. A simple “thank you/jazaakAllah khair” goes a long way in building a positive and fulfilling mentoring relationship.
  7. Reflect on your progress and celebrate milestones: Take time to reflect on your progress, celebrate small victories, and acknowledge how far you’ve come since starting the mentoring programme (when you get there!). This will help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.
  1. We implement strict privacy and confidentiality policies: Ensuring that all communication and information shared during the mentoring program is kept confidential and secure.
  2. We handpick mentors known for their piety and conduct background checks on mentors to ensure the safety of young mentees.
  3. We provide training on online safety: Educating mentors on the importance of online safety, including the risks of sharing personal information and how to identify and respond to potentially harmful situations.
  4. We have quality systems in place to record, monitor and where required review mentoring sessions: to ensure they are conducted in a safe and appropriate manner.
  5. We use secure communication platforms: utilising encrypted and secure communication platforms for mentoring sessions to protect the privacy and security of young people.
  6. We establishing clear guidelines and boundaries: Setting clear guidelines and boundaries for mentors and mentees to follow during the mentoring program to ensure a safe and respectful environment.
  7. We provide avenues and resources for reporting concerns: Offering channels for young people to report any concerns during the mentoring programme.
  8. We will regularly review and update safety protocols: Continuously reviewing and updating safety protocols and procedures to ensure they reflect best practices and address any emerging risks in online mentoring.

Still unsure?

Register your interest and we'll see if you/your child is a good fit

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